Shanghai has abundant attractions, set on the banks of the Huangpu river, this is the largest city in the world. The Urban planning museum, across from our hotel is well worth a visit. Plus we are over the road from the Shnghai State theatre, and our street is the most Famous shopping street in china. The underground main station is also right in front of the hotel, with clearly signed directions and audio information in English. We can put you in touch with an interpreter who can arrange a visit to your specific area of interest, be it manufacturing, retail, or any area of business. If you are medical, for example I can send you to a hospital shop, where there are a tremendous array of instruments and hospital related equipment. Just walking the local streets around the hotel you will find lots to interest you.



All the painting spots are also exemplary attractions normally undertaken as day or half day visits. We will have a bus with Ben Ye and his table set up as base when we are out painting. The architectural, botanical, and geological features are fascinating in themselves. The mountains also offer treks of varying degrees and times, usually 2 to 3 hours. There are other places you can travel to on these days if you wish, such as The Huashan Grottoes, an underground stone mine of massive proportions dating back to the Song era. There is also an excellent golf course within easy reach.



This city has some outstanding attractions, The silk museum, a famous song dynasty kiln museum, and many historic buildings. You can hire a bike and ride around the West Lake. Parks, gardens, temples, teafields, and museums are all within easy reach. Another unique attraction, is the Qiantang Tidal bore, the worlds largest, caused by the funnel shaped estuary of the Qiantang river, the tide comes racing in as a massive wall of water, sometimes reaching a height of 30 feet.



There are many spectacular caves, peaks, and two rivers to choose from. Bicycles can be readily hired, other activities include rafting, walking, fishing, and rock climbing to name a few, the choice is all yours. Both ourselves and our hotel staff are very willing to help you find a diversion to excite you. Hong Kong, All our hotels have been specifically chosen for location above all, we want you to feel at ease, and able to venture out on your own. So any 'non painting partner', will be perfectly placed to explore alone or with others comfortably. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or special requests, I will do my best to accommodate your needs.