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Paint China Tours offers a fine selection of painting subjects in China, staying in some of her most inspiring landscapes and magnificent cities. Our aim is to give you an in depth experience of what China is all about today, from staggering modernity to picturesque antiquity!






Plein Air Painting Workshop


October 15 - 30, 2018

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Can you imagine a group painting trip in China?

Having organised 5 such trips, every time I love to see that people are pleasantly surprised by how different and unexpected the experience is from what they had ever imagined.

What is it like?

Honestly, it's a life changing experience. China is not what you see in the news, polluted and overcrowded. Sure there are areas like that around Beijing, but 99% of this country is pure beauty and that's what we go there to paint.

"Eve went out of her way to make our trip more than just a painting tour. We enjoyed great company and great food. We visited some iconic sites and painted in spectacular places. We will treasure our experiences for ever. Thanks Eve."

Peter & Carol Drummond, Albury, Australia

What will we paint?

We go painting in the ancient picturesque villages and fairytale mountains of old China. Staying in lovely hotels, with a bus at the door, we have an array of subjects to choose from. Rivers, little old covered bridges, fields of flower tea, ponds of lotus, rustic little villages, and precipitous peaks. This is a very rich and exotic environment, full of history and beauty. I LOVE IT! That's why I want to take you there, and with Richard's guidance I am really excited to see the paintings that come from the experience.

"What a trip just wonderful wonderful wonderful, I have not stopped talking about it yet!"

Kit, New Zealand.


For contrast we start off in Shanghai, where we get to shop for art materials and anything else you could want in Shanghai's most famous shopping street, offering high quality goods at very cheap prices. China is now the world's largest consumer of luxury goods and the department stores in Shanghai, boutiques and restaurants are top international standard.

"Pam and I often talk about our trip with you and pinch ourselves at the wonderful times that we had."

Judy and Pam, Australia


Dining is very important on this trip

We go to some outstanding international restaurants in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong, then concentrate on wonderful local dishes in the country locations. Amazing food! I have designed this trip to be a rich experience for the non painter as well, by having all our locations in interesting places.

Some of the cultural differences can be confronting for a Westerner, but you get to experience that within the comfort of the group and it's always great fun and often hilarious sharing those new experiences. You might for instance feel a slight twinge in the tummy on eating your first deep fried scorpion (tastes like peanut butter), or find yourself gawking at the produce on display in an open food market. (very interesting!)

"A day in China is worth 2 anywhere else"

I often tell people before they arrive in China that a day there is worth two anywhere else, the sights, sounds and smells of this exotic beautiful country are enough to overwhelm you at every turn. Few people completely believe me when I tell them that, but by the end of the trip they've discovered exactly what I mean, and have a bunch of new friends that they've gained, enjoying the adventure together. I hope you'll join us for what will be the trip of a lifetime.

- Eve Skerret, New Zealand. Tour organiser.

What's it like for non-painting guests?

"What an amazing trip we had with you. As I am a non painter, I must admit I was very hesitant about going on a painting tour when my sister (the artist of the family) asked me to accompany her on a painting tour to China. I gave heaps of reasons why I wasn't all that keen on the idea - I've been to China before, I'm not an artist and would be very bored, would I fit in with a group of artists etc.
Fortunately I have a very persuasive sister.

Wow, what a trip! On first meeting with the other 8 people on the tour, I immediately knew they would be great travelling companions. The days spent in the beautiful villages of Hongun and Xu Cun, untouched by modern times, where surreal experiences. Climbing Yellow Mountain, cycling around West Lake, picnics on ancient covered bridges, gourmet dining experiences, rafting down the river at Yangshuo - all very special memories.

Thank you Eve for the many wonderful memories of a unique holiday, which I very nearly missed out on having."
Veronica Howman, Australia

Where are we staying?

Our aim is to give you an in depth experience of what China is all about today, from staggering modernity to picturesque antiquity. This will be our fourth painting tour of China, with veteran organisers Tony Zhang and Eve Skerret so we have the best locations, meticulously planned with local knowledge to give you the best possible experience. This will be Richard Robinson's first trip to China so you'll get to see how he deals with completely new paintings subjects too!

Eve Skerret, Organiser   Richard & Helen Robinson

15th-16th October
French luxury, Sofitel Hyland Our location is arguably the best in Shanghai, you can walk out the front door into the most famous shopping street in China, Nanjing road, within walking distance to Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Art materials shops, an array of international hotels and restaurants!

Huangshan 17th-21st October
Crown Plaza Tunxi, the best hotel in town.

Huangshan Mountain 22nd October
Jade Screen, Yuping Luo, THE premiere hotel location on the mountain.

Hangzhou, 24th-25th October
Courtyard by Marriot
Considered the most liveable city in China, due to its location on the edge of a beautiful lake, surrounded by parks, temples, and restaurants. Renowned for growing silk and tea, Hangzhou is also home to one of Chinas most prestigious Art Schools, The China Academy of Art.

Yangshuo Guilin, 25th-27th October
Yangshou Mountain Retreat ECO hotel
Here we find ourselves right on the Dragon river, this hotel has an enduring reputation, with many returnees.

Hong Kong, 28th-29th October
The T hotel, Pokfullam Road

"Immaculate planning!... We are deeply grateful for the wonderful opportunity to see China and your insight to make it so enjoyable".

Sharon and Chris, USA

Register for the Workshop HERE.

(Be quick! Spaces are limited and these workshops sell out fast!
If this page doesn't say 'SOLD OUT' yet then there are still some spaces left.)




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